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If you want to be divinely and wildly successful you’re going to have to shine like never before. You are going to have to become the fierce, fabulous, and fearless woman you are destined to be.


I know that your divine soul wants fearless confidence + financial freedom.

We're talking the confidence to live your life on your terms.

I feel you Queen!

You are done with playing the wallflower. You are done avoiding mirrors and the scales because you are scared to look at the number staring back at you. You are done with holding your tongue, fighting back bitter salty tears, and feeling like sh*t because of the actions of others.

You are done with the daily 9 to 5 grind, even if it means working ‘remotely’ in a little stand up desk in your livingroom for a miserable pay check and a glass ceiling that's designed to ensure that you will never be a thriving, wealthy woman.


You are done sharing your dreams with people that have given up on theirs!

You are done with feeling empty, angry, resentful and depressed about not showing up, standing up, and speaking up.

To do that, you need a reliable mentor and confidence strategist who'll guide you, cares for you, and isn’t going to hold back from telling you what you need to hear.

I’m here to guide beautiful women like you learn divine unapologetic self-love and unshakable self-acceptance to gain unstoppable self-confidence to design and build lives that include happiness, wealth, and success.

That's why they call me the Confidence Queen.

As a child abuse and teenage homeless survivor and woman that struggled to get out of highly toxic marriage and high control religion that suppresses women, I know first hand the struggle of searching for one’s identity, building up my self-esteem and confidence through self-love and self-acceptance.  

For years, I was depressed, burnt out and frustrated with men and women diminishing my worth. I felt like my best was never enough.

Guess what? For years, I believed that foolishness because that was what I had been taught my entire life. No one wants to be around a ‘strong women’.  I was told I had to ‘bring it down a notch’.

That ‘it’ they referred to was my superpower. I had the ability to connect with clients and they loved me.  Go figure.

My soul was dying and I was miserable.

That all changed when I took the leap and started my own business coaching women to build themselves up through divine self-love, acceptance and confidence, resulting in drastic improvements in their happiness, wealth, and success.

It's now your time to claim your rightful place in this world!

It's time for women like you to step out of the shadows and start LEADING!

You've got the smarts - we have the strategy and the leadership experience.

If you found your way here, it means you are ready for a massive shift.

Are you ready to Level Up your life to NEW Heights in 90 days?  Are you ready to...


❍ Step into your divine, fierce, unstoppable feminine power?

❍ Learn what ‘Self-Love’ is; why it is incremental to your growth, happiness, and your journey of self-discovery?

❍ Use adversity as a stepping stone to success?

❍ Learn how crucial self-acceptance is to self-respect and self-love?

❍ Exude confidence and tranquility even in the worst situations?

❍ Build resilience and an unbreakable spirit after a setback?

❍ Learn the secret to rewriting the script of your life?

❍ Learn how to OWN your flaws and turn them into assets?

❍ Take advantage of the mistakes from your past?

❍ The quickest shortcut to achieving what you want?

❍ Learn the 6 rules to an abundant life and keep stress away forever?

❍ Reframe your thoughts to attract more abundance?

❍ Connect with like-minded women who get you and support you?

❍ Appreciate yourself fully and attain a new level of existence?

❍ Banish the overwhelm gain confidence, money, peace-of-mind, wellness and precious time to do whatever you want!?

❍ Learn the ways to avoid self-sabotage?

❍ Learn the #1 most powerful secret to unlocking the true potential of your subconscious mind?

❍ Live your life on your terms? 

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As a Modern Day woman and divine Queen, your life needs to be a healthy, balanced system that encompasses your financial, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.


Being a successful and happy women with a thriving career or a flourishing business means that you are thriving across all these aspects, which is why my coaching focuses on all of these.

Coaching someone on just one aspect whilst ignoring the others is like trying to build and thrive on a one-legged stool!

No matter where you're at your self-love journey, with over 15 years of international and domestic ministerial consulting and empowerment coaching, I have the resources for gaining and building unstoppable self-confidence to build a life of freedom, happiness, success, wealth and achieve heights in your life, relationships, career, and business that you never dreamed of happening in your lifetime. 

Areas where my Expertise can Help you Transform your Life

            SELF-ACCEPTANCE &












         MONEY MINDSET &    



Hello, Queen!  

I'm Adrian Quintina


A confidence strategist, six-figure business maven and kickass coach on a mission to help women to regain their divine power, harness their passion and become the badass leaders and game changers they are supposed to be through unstoppable confidence, unshakable self-esteem and unapologetic self-love. 


As child abuse, spiritual abuse and trauma survivor that triumphed over a toxic childhood and a 12 year abusive marriage ending in messy divorce and nasty custody battle to become a successful single mom of a six-figure coaching business, I know the challenges women face physically, emotionally, financiall, and spiritually. I understand the pressure to keep it all together whilst suffering on multiple levels especially during a global pandemic! 


Girl, you're here to change the world, build your empire, and share your message like never before but you need the confidence to do that! You got faith, but you are still afraid to step out of the shadows. Damn! That nagging self-doubt, the negative critic(s) living in your head, and THEN the COVID-19 pounds that crept up on your waist line. 


It's just toooo much!


I GOT you.


That is why I created Real Fearless HerTM


It was created to help accelerate your personal successes by building up your confidence with deeply satisfying self-love and soul-nuturing self-acceptance. 


My mission is to help women globally regain their power and stand up, show up and speak up to make a powerful impact in their family, communities and places of worship. My vision is to help all women that work with and encounter to discover their self worth in their realization they are fierce, fabulous, and fearless! #realfearlessher 

More About Me

Fearless Living with Adrian Quintina Podcast


Join Adrian Quintina each week and listen to her share tips on how to build your empire, gain financial freedom, build self-confidence + self-love without sacrificing precious time with your family or getting burnt-out from overwhelm.


A new episode is dropped every Wednesday at 7PM Pacific Time.


The final episode of Season 1 will be released on December 15.


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Are You Ready To Change Your Life in 14 Days?


As a child abuse survivor that suffered from years of low self-esteem, I can relate to women that appear 'strong' on the outside, but that tough exterior is hiding the numbness they feel deeply within from unresolved trauma.

 I get it!

Let's stop the hurt...emotional, spiritual, physical and financial.

Learn how to forgive yourself for last mistakes, turn weaknesses into assets, embrace your individuality, stop hiding and numbing yourself.

Your life was meant to be amazing...just like you!

Let me tell what you can have:

- You can have financial freedom and success.

- You can have a healthy self-identity that you are proud of.

- You can have the confidence to turn your passion into profit by making that idea you have been sitting on become a reality by starting your own business,

- You can be that woman that others admire for their resilience, power, and tenacity.

- You can stop the hurt...all of the pain that has kept you from claiming the life that the divine has ordained for you.

This 14-day Unapologetic Self Love and Unstoppable Self-Confidence Journey was made for you!

Are you ready?

Learn more and get started today!


I'm Ready for This Now!

Fearless Living with Style Shop is Open!


The Real Fearless Her store has relaunched with more gorgeous products, shirts with bold + catchy slogans, and more items being added by the week...at the same affordable prices.

Go to the new shop and join the squad of the hundreds of women that love Queen apparel.

A portion of all proceeds are donated to Girls Inc., a non-profit inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold and become leaders of tomorrow.


Join the #realfearlessher movement by taking a stand for Fearless Living in your life + business

How I Will Help You:

Coaching for Fearless Living


I Want to Stop the Hurt

Books for Fearless Living


I Want Fearless Expertise

Fearless Living Courses


I Want Fearless Expertise


  • Fearless Living tips on building a business with confidence, self care, wealth management, : A Queen tip or lesson from Adrian to accelerate happiness and success in your life + career.
  • New Releases, Special Invites, Videos, Top Podcast Episodes & More!

Stopping Self-Sabotage: How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Dec 01, 2021

8 Powerful Ways to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Nov 29, 2021

Successful Mindset Conditioning

Nov 26, 2021

Success is never an Accident...it must be Planned.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

All successful people have a vision and a plan they work toward manifesting...massive success is never by chance. Let's work together in the next 90 days to plan 2022 for your Level Up! 

The Real Fearless Woman 2022 Planner will be released on October 1.

Stay tuned, Gorgeous!


Kiara Henry


Adrian is a powerhouse! Very witty, down-to-earth, easy to talk to and tells it like it is. She not only helped me build my business after I was ready to give-up, but I hit $5K in the first month working with her! She patiently helped me work through ALOT of things I was holding in that was holding me back. Now she is helping me scan my business to have several 5 and 6-figure streams of income! I will always be on team Real Fearless Her!

Bailey Knox

Performance Artist

I was referred to Adrian, so I had high expectations, and I have to say she did not disappoint, She went over and beyond in everything. I had a lot of fears I didn't want to face. Adrian was non-judgmental, extremely supportive and reassuring through the level up process. If you are looking for someone to work with that will help you live authentically and put you at ease, you must work with Adrian! 

Riahannon Victora LeGoff


Thank you so much Adrian! I couldn’t have gotten through ANYTHING! …Or knew what I wanted, knew my worth, or my passion and believed in myself without your help and continued support throughout these constant battles and steps I had to take in my life! When you have nobody on your side and you are going through difficulties...when all I felt like doing was giving up. I would definitely recommend working with Adrian! 

Real Fearless Her invites you to join Adrian in Fearless Living

Warning: What you will learn here will change your life.