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#realfearlessher represents the inner fierceness that inhabits all women, but is diminished or inhibited because of negative self talk, limiting beliefs, and societal expectations keeping many women from being fearless and fabulous. #realfearlessher will help you 'glow' up in confidence. Be fierce, fabulous and fearless. Your real life depends on it!


The missing ingredient in the recipe of success is the word that most women avoid talking about...what is it and how can you get it?


"Why Be Eye Candy When You Can Be Soul Food?"

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The self-paced, online courses will deliver the content and motivation to uplevel your fierceness and take you to unparalleled levels of fabulousness. Girl, go on and become the fearless YOU that you know you can be!


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Hey lady, don't want to join a coaching program, but need a strategic partnership with someone that will help you reach your goals, identify your blind spots, motivate you to reach your stretch goals, and keep you accountable on your journey?

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The Real Fearless Her Boutique will sell items from the House of Fierce. We know you MUST slay and what better way to look fierce and dazzling than in House of Fierce brandwear with eye-catching slogans and dare-I-s(l)ay designs! We got you covered, may enter your House of Fierce....

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Find books here from this #1 International Bestselling Author that has been helping women overcome obstacles, hardships and challenges to live incredibly fulfilling lives. Her personal story is found in the book, 'Aspire to Your Greatness!' A must read.


She is fierce...fabulous...and fearless, so you know she has things on her mind. Have a good read of what tips + strategies you can learn to love the skin that you are in and be proud of the amazing Queen that you are. *Also, accepting spots for guest bloggers.

CEO, Real Fearless Her LLC

Founder, #Realfearlessher Movement

#1 International Bestselling Author

I'm Adrian Quintina (Jefferson Chofor). I am a Confidence Coach, Empowerment Speaker, and #1 International Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur. 

As a fierce, fabulous, fearless woman, and it's my mission to help  women become empowered to build the self- confidence, awareness, acceptance, and love to live a fearless and fulfilling life by design. It's not about the past, but the life we will build that you always wanted.

I turn Nos and Maybes into Yessss!

My own personal journey which you can find in my #1 International Bestselling book, 'Aspire to your Greatness! and years of training as certified professional coach brought me to the place where I am now able to work with women around the world - using my successful programs; Glow Up and Shine and Fierce and Fab to empower women with the exact steps and strategies they need to make a life changing transformation and finally start living the vibrant, confident, joyful life they deserve!

Rooting for your Rise!
Adrian Quintina







Queens Step Out in House of Fierce

Believe and See Yourself Living the #FiercelyFab Life!

You're ready to glow up and live a bigger and better life, make an impact in the world, and have the confidence to live the life you have always been dreaming of...take control, be in charge and live fiercely fabulous!

But right now, you’re stressed, exhausted and totally unfulfilled. Maybe you’re stuck at a 9-5 in a cubicle the size of a closet knowing you’re wasting your precious time living someone else’s life and building someone's dreams.

Maybe you’re surrounded by people who put down your big dreams, dim your shine or call your business an “expensive hobby.” Or maybe it’s all of the above!

But you are a fabulous Queen…You’re not crazy, foolish or delusional for wanting to turn your vision (board) into a reality. Yes, you deserve it all – from the swanky vacays in 5-star hotels, 5- figure a month income, to the fabulous red-bottom shoes!

Most importantly, you deserve the peace of mind, confidence, and unshakable self-belief that will give you the fearlessness to overcome toxic relationships, generational curses, negative beliefs, and managing people's expectations. It's your time to be fiercely fabulous living a life that will shut down naysayers and inspire generations to come. Ready to find out how, Queen?


How do I know? Because I built up my confidence to start a thriving six-figure business that no one believed in, from having no clients to a flourishing global community! It started with allowing my inner fierceness to shine through, claim my fearlessness, equip myself with a laptop, an vision that many called 'crazy' despite being in a toxic relationship, the mother of two small children, and almost $55K in debt!

And if you’re committed, we can build your confidence and esteem, so claim your inner fierceness and create the fabulous life that you have always wanted. Fabulousness awaits you!



▪ Designing your Fabulously Fierce Life on your own fearless terms (say goodbye to people pleasing, debilitating self-doubts, analysis-paralysis, and slaving way building other people's dreams. Bye! Bye! alarm clock and toxic people. Hello! peace of mind and financial freedom!)

▪ Speaking proudly like the fierce warrior you are and the boss you have become. Say bye-bye to whisper talking and fading into the paint. Say hello to standing like a Queen and speaking like a boss.

▪ Discovering your purpose and living it fearlessly! Queens, game changers, and impact makers like you help others transform their lives and make major impact in the world.

▪ Your soul sister empowerment tribe is calling to support, elevate and celebrate you. Look at that, it's not even your B-day and you get the cake every day!

▪ Spectacularly rising above the expectations others set for you. You Go Queen!



"Adrian is a powerhouse! Very witty, down-to-earth, easy to talk to and tells it like it is. She not only helped me build my business, but patiently helped me work through ALOT of things I was holding in that was holding me back. I thought I had my shit together, but after peeling back layer after layer of the defenses I had built up, it was clear I had some work to do, but I think I was able to face it because she guided me and walked me through her amazing confidence program. She started as my coach, but now I consider her my friend."

Kiara Henry

"I loved working with Adrian! She is amazing! I was struggling finding my confidence with my public speaking and she helped me to find my 'voice' and share my story in a powerful way. Every coaching session had great value for me because of the takeaways, great ideas and suggestions. She even helped me to gain the confidence to apply for a job that I wasn't sure I would get, but with her coaching I got it with alot more money! I have definitely become more confident since working with Adrian."

Anjuleeca Charaya
Senior Communications Director

"I was referred to Adrian, so I had high expectations, and I have to say she did not disappoint, She went over and beyond in everything. I had a lot of fears I didn't want to face. Adrian was non-judgmental, extremely supportive and reassuring through the coaching process. Working with her helped improve my self-confidence in my performances and auditions. If you are looking for someone to work with that will help you live authentically and put you at ease, you must work with Adrian! They don't call her Queen for nothing. lol. I have since recommended several of my friends to work with her. "

Bailey Knox
Performance Artist

"I enjoyed working with Adrian! She helped me to scale my business and structure my financial programs to attract high-end clients. I don't consider myself tech-savvy or the marketing side of the business, but Adrian was able to help me understand how to become more visible on social media, build my email list, and use creative opt-ins without the overwhelm."

Brandy T. Jones
CEO + Founder,

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