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Stop the Hurt...Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, and Financial. Reclaim your Divine Power + Financial Freedom in only 14 Days with this course that was designed for You!


As a child abuse survivor that suffered from years of low self-esteem, I can relate to women that appear 'strong' on the outside, but that tough exterior is hiding the numbness they feel deeply within from unresolved trauma.

After suffering years of abuse in a toxic marriage to a narcissist and finally building up the courage to leave to save myself and my children, I can relate to your pain of not feeling like you are enough.

I understand, Queen.

I have spent years helping women around the globe (I have lived in Italy, Germany, and Spain) reclaim their divine power to stand in proudly in their ordained magnificence. It is amazing to watch women thrive when someone simply shows that they believe 'in' them.

Well, now is the time... start believing yourself!

Learn how to forgive yourself for last mistakes, turn weaknesses into assets, embrace your individuality, stop hiding and numbing yourself.

Your life was meant to be amazing...just like you!


Let Me Tell What You Can Have Right Now:

- You can have financial freedom and success.

- You can have a healthy self-identity that you are proud of.

- You can have the confidence to turn your passion into profit by making that idea you have been sitting on become a reality by starting your own business,

- You can be that woman that others admire for their resilience, power, and tenacity.

- You can stop the hurt...all of the pain that has kept you from claiming the life that the divine has ordained for you.

- You can have healthy relationships in your life with supportive, empowering individuals.

-You can have a healthy view of your body image and embrace your body type.

- You can have a life of financial stability without the overwhelm.

- You can have a deeper spiritual connection with the Divine and feel divinely empowered to create, design, and build a life beyond your imagination.

-You can have control of your emotions and stop the roller coaster  of mood fluctuations that keep you spiraling.

-You can have a calm approach to problem solving that will not leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.






Video Footage

Over 100 minutes of video footage with guidance from your coach and instructor, Adrian Quintina, is included in this course

Action Guides

Over 20 powerful, transformative, beautifully designed worksheets included to support and help you with the internal work on your journey.


Beautifully designed workbook of 90+ pages that can be downloaded and printed for easier convenience on your self-love and confidence build journey.

Email Support

You will get email support from your coach and instructor, Adrian Quintina on your journey to help you reach maximum results!

Self-Discovery Quotes

The course is filled with powerful, motivational quotes that will support and inspire you and your self-love and confidence journey.

Bonus Features

You will receive additional tools and advanced tips to provide more powerful support on your transformative journey.


Sign up for your course today and watch the amazing transformative results within days. 

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In this course here are a few topics we will cover:

  • Self-Loving Women Think Differently - learn how successful self-loving woman think.
  • Catch and Stop Self-Critical Thoughts
  • Coping Strategies to Help You Move Past Hurt
  • Developing Self Awareness
  • Feeling 'Good Enough' because you are Worthy
  • Changing Attitude + Mindset
  • Facing your Flaws with Love
  • Solve Problems without OverAnalyzing and Analysis Paralysis 
  • The Secret to Stay Motivated
  • Overcoming Fears that Formerly Kept You Paralyzed from Moving Forward
  • Stop Caring What Other People Think Of  You
  • Crush Goals and Be Successful
  • Move Past Hurt to Produce Self-Love in Your Life

This 14 day journey is guaranteed to help you take a different look on life and more importantly, yourself.


 This course is valued at over $497 USD, but today I am offering it for the small investment of only


That's a significant difference you exclaim and you'd be right, but here is the thing, I want to help as many women as possible reclaim their divine power and gain self-love, confidence, and ultimately, financial freedom.

Would you change your life for $14?

Imagine if I said to you that you could change your life for $14 a day for one year. You would gain financial freedom after one year. You would most likely take the deal because you know the lifetime benefits out way the one year payment.

Now, imagine paying only $14 for just 14 days rather 365 days and getting triple the value!

A small investment for LIFETIME results!

Invest in yourself and reclaim your power!




Sign up for your course today and watch the amazing transformative results within days. 

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