Who Else Wants to be Successful with Energy Clearing?


“Close your eyes imagine your life with everything you ever wished for as if it’s already here.” -Anonymous

As you learn more about the creative visualization process, you might encounter roadblocks that prevent you from achieving your best. It is essential to be able to recognize these mental blocks and systematically eliminate them in order to visualize correctly and have the best results from your visualizations.

Mental blocks work by obstructing the flow of energy through your body, which subsequently impedes your progress. These blocks are usually caused by suppressed emotions, like self-criticism, guilt, resentment, fear, and sadness. These emotions can take a toll on your mental state, which can cause it to tighten up, leading it to shut down your emotional, spiritual, mental, and even physical energies.

As with any other barrier to your progress, the only solution is to remove the obstacle and resume with the free flow of energy. Here are the essential...

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Sick and Tired of Being Broke and Feeling Stuck?


“Visualize this thing that you want. See it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint, and begin to build.” Robert Collier



Sick and tired of being broke, stuck, and happy?


What do mega successful people do to be in their position in life?


Successful people in all fields of life use the creative visualization process in their lives.


If you genuinely want to see something come true, then you have to use your imaginative mind.


You have to be able to see the outcome in front of you. The only limit to your success is your own mind.


Visualizing Your Goals

To imagine your goals so that you achieve them, you have to visualize the desired result, activity, or event. You need to think of it in terms of "you get what you see," and you need to be ready for creativity and mind synthesis to take the lead. If you want to visualize yourself getting a promotion, you need to picture yourself sitting in your brand new office, with...

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Answered: How Do I Convert my Dreams into Reality?



Creative visualization is a technique that involves using your imagination to come up with and visualize scenarios in your mind's eye. When you use visualization techniques on a regular basis, you compose a mental image of something and then concentrate on the situation or image for some time.

The first belief with the process of creative visualization is that when you change your thoughts and perceptions, you can alter your reality. Many influential, wealthy, and successful people in the world are convinced that by visualizing a specific scenario or behaviors, you can adjust the energy patterns in your life and bring your desires and goals to you faster.


Converting Your Dreams to Reality

Creative visualization utilizes the power of your mind to make any goal or a dream come true. Think back to your best accomplishment. Remember how fulfilling it felt, basking in the glory of your success and achievement?

Think back to the time when the desire to accomplish that goal...

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πŸ’₯πŸ’₯Boost Your Success with this Secret Superpower!πŸ’₯πŸ’₯



‘I want to be the president when I grow up.’

‘I want to be an astronaut when I grow up.’

‘I want to be a teacher when I grow up.’


As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?


All of us had aspirations and dreams as children.


What about as adults? Have we stopped aspiring and dreaming?


When we were younger, our hopes were big, right? We dreamt to become wealthy, to have a huge house, a happy family, and a supportive and loving partner. We also dreamt of material things, like having a huge house in an exclusive neighborhood, designer clothing, expensive gadgets, and maybe even luxury cars.


We all know someone who seems to have everything. This person isn't usually the most intelligent or hardworking person that we've ever known. However, they seem to attract all the right circumstances and people to manifest whatever they want and desire. They make it look effortless.


They may have specific...

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Conquer Anxiety with the 3C Strategy πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


“Don’t believe every worried thought you have. Worried thoughts are notoriously inaccurate.”
—Renee Jain


If you’re prone to experiencing anxiety, like me, chances are your mind is your greatest enemy.


When you're faced with a situation that has the potential to provoke your anxiety, it's easy to start to imagine the worst or start to self-blame to the extent that the anxiety symptoms become magnified within mere seconds.


If you really want to manage your anxiety, you must be quick in catching your own self-destructive thoughts, as well as adept in transforming these negative thoughts into more positive, facilitative ones.


How to Deal with Unhelpful Thoughts


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), is a school of psychotherapy that states that if you want to manage negative thoughts, you have to consciously exert the effort to stop the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. To do this, you need to employ the...

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Bye Bye Overwhelm! Fastrack Chaos to Calm in an Instant


It’s all about finding calm in the chaos – Donna Karan


One of the most common problems that those suffering from anxiety must face is the increased intensity with their symptoms. For example, say you're on your way to a job interview and end

up getting a flat tire. While the action of changing the tire can be easy enough, as is calling the person you were going to meet to explain why you're running late, the anxiety, however, can push your rational thoughts out of the way and direct you to more catastrophic ones. When anxiety is in the driver's seat, it can become all too easy to drive you and your rational mind right over the proverbial cliff.


Successfully managing anxiety has two distinct processes, the long term and short term management of the disorder. The long term process requires coming to an understanding what your particular anxiety stems from and can help to diminish and lessen the anxiety attacks that you are experiencing. However, this process...

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Breathe to Live. Breathe to THRIVE!


Just breathe, Just breathe. Just breathe. The pressure will crack and shatter if you just keep breathing. Life will eventually get easier if you keep your heart beating. Just breathe. Just breathe. Just breathe. – Jessica Sorenson


Breathing is defined as an automatic function of the body that is managed by the respiratory system and controlled by the central nervous system. Breathing can be noted as a response of the body when it is faced with stress, where there is a marked change in the breathing patterns and rates. This is a part of the body’s fight or flight mechanism and is part of the body’s response to stressful situations.


Humans have been given the power to control their patterns of breathing, and studies have shown that with our ability to control our breathing patterns we can manage and combat stress and other related health conditions like anxiety and depression. Controlled breathing when used in the practice of yoga, tai chi and other...

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Yes You C.A.N.! Crush Anxiety Now by Doing This!


Calmness is the cradle of power.” —Josiah Gilbert Holland


Stress. Chaos. Panic.


Does this sound like a typical day in your life?


Do you find yourself ruminating on your past and obsessed with your future?


Do you feel like you are an emotional rollercoaster ranging from anger to depression?


Do you find yourself overcome with anxiety just managing day-to-day activities?


Sista Queen! Have I got news for you. Let me introduce you to the practice of mindfulness.


You may be wondering, what exactly is mindfulness and how it can be used to overcome stress and anxiety. In a nutshell, mindfulness is all about being fully awake and being fully active and present in our day-to-day lives. It is a method for approaching life on the knowledge that the present is the only time that any of us have to be alive.


The practice of mindfulness is the ability to pay conscious attention to our internal and external experiences through an...

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πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯Do You Suffer from the #1 Dream Killer?πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯


I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind. – Antonio de Saint-Exupery


Are you constantly afraid, worried, or perhaps nervous?

Do you have trouble sleeping, or always feel tired and panicky?

Do you often wonder why you can't stop worrying and why you're still fearful?

Do you wish you could overcome these issues so you can start living the life you want?



These types of feelings and emotions are often diagnosed as anxiety. These feelings of worry and fear are a normal reaction of the brain that is a result of many factors that are causing an imbalance or challenge to our daily routine.


Everyone deals with moments in their life when they feel like the world is about to fall apart on us. I have suffered from years of anxiety because of childhood trauma. The roller coaster of emotions only got worse in the past few years when I left a toxic narcissistic marriage and an abusive high control religion.


During these moments, it can be...

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8 Ways to Supercharge Your Life!


Our greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another – William James


Have you ever wondered why you do some of the things you do?


I have a secret to share with you.


Our subconscious rules our behavior.


This is a scientific fact as well as a phenomenon documented by psychologists Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. It has also been mentioned in ancient texts such as the Vedas and by spiritual scholars throughout the ages.


We need to create strategies to reprogram our subconscious in ways that are more beneficial to our wellbeing.


Our subconscious minds have picked up various tendencies from birth that are still with us today. We are also under attack (literally) with advertising that bombards our senses nearly 24/7.


This includes online, where we are spending most of our lives, as well as in the physical environment, where we see billboards and items for sale in shops. We need to be incredibly careful...

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