Detox from your Perfectionism

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The pursuit of perfectionism can be exhausting and stressful. Your anxiety about making mistakes can interfere with putting your best foot forward. Implementing the following steps can help you relax and learn to take life as it comes. 


Steps to Take with Yourself 


  1.  Learn from your mistakes. Realize that mistakes are your friends. Successful people typically make lots of mistakes because they take more risks. As long as you let your errors teach you how to do better next time, you'll be making progress. 


  1.  Identify more reliable sources of fulfillment. Perfectionism is frequently a sign of being overly concerned with status, material possessions and other external factors that are prone to sudden changes, many times out of your control. Your peace of mind will increase when you shift your focus to cultivating loving relationships and a positive outlook.


  1.  Break jobs down into simple steps. Procrastination can set in when you find it difficult to start a task because you're worried about getting every detail right. Get moving by taking it one step at a time. For example, create a room-by-room plan for your routine cleaning. 


  1.  Prioritize. Save time by deciding when you need to be meticulous and when it's okay to improvise. A detailed itinerary is useful for a business trip, but you can just enjoy whatever happens when you spend an afternoon playing with your kids or pets. 


  1.  Do things for the fun of it. Observe how you feel when you're engaged in an activity without any score keeping. Try to hold onto the peaceful state of mind you experience while chopping vegetables or going for a run. 


  1.  Find relaxation techniques that work for you. Studies show that people with a tendency for perfectionism build up higher levels of some stress hormones. Calm down with meditation, journaling, music or a relaxing massage.


Take charge of your own happiness. As you recognize that your happiness comes from within, you'll feel less need to try to control your environment and the behavior of others. Focus on maintaining your peace of mind even when things go wrong or just turn out different from what you expected. Ease the pressure on yourself and others.  

By overcoming your perfectionism, you'll enjoy more happiness and feel more energy. It's actually easier to pursue excellence when you set realistic goals and know how to learn from your mistakes. 


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