Figure Out the Reason Why You Lack Confidence

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A lack of self-confidence may stem from tones of insecurity. Occasionally we have feelings of inadequacies about ourselves and we bury them deep within. Once we do this, we tend not to assert ourselves and take a chance because we fear our "mysteries" will be revealed.

If your lack of self-confidence comes from these type of feelings you harbor about yourself, you're also experiencing something absolutely normal and common, but it's a normal feeling that you are able to and ought to change.

Let's Figure Out The Reason

If you have a concern that individuals will see your perceived defect, you'll find it hard to assert yourself. 


Your defect or vulnerability might have to do with your appearance, your size, your perceived "smarts" or intelligence, your past times, or your family experience.

The Source

In constructing self-confidence, your beginning goal is to formulate a truthful understanding of your strengths and failings. You’ll have to take the first step and look within yourself to find out where and how come you feel vulnerable.

As a youngster, parents are the greatest determining factor on self-regard. Youngsters who are consistently picked apart, bawled out, hollered at or beaten up by a parent promptly learn they're not accepted or prone to rejection.

If a youngster is continually brushed off, badgered or made fun of or if they're expected to be perfect day in and day out in order to be acceptable, they in time develop a pitiful self-image. If a youngster perpetually bombs at school or does poorly in athletics, they'll go through identity issues, particularly when they get to their teens.

How a parent handles the state of affairs is what directly affects whether or not a youngster will formulate a healthy self-image. Low self-regard may often happen as a result of a brutal or neglectful parent.

If you have notions of worthlessness, it's likely manifested in one of the accompanying ways. You might have accepted the role of the ceaseless loser, the girl who's always ready and waiting for the other shoe to drop and is helpless to change anything about it.

Self-pity furnishes an excuse to prevent accepting responsibility for your life. You lack self-assertiveness and feel you must be in a relationship to be desirable. You're the typical under-performer or underachiever.

You may also attempt to mask your low self-regard by over compensating. 


You're the individual who forever seems happy. You're the highly competitive perfectionist who continually reminds other people of your achievements. Underneath all the same, you live in holy terror, worrying your real identity will be uncloaked. 


You suffer from acute identity issues and tend to “burn out”.

Perhaps, you go to the other extreme point and behave as though you merely “do not care”. You tend to be furious and nothing anybody does for you is ever adequate. You feel you're “unworthy” so you fault everybody else for your troubles. You're controlling, the rule breaker and you've issues with authority, something that seldom ends well.


Confident people usually have a lot of negative thoughts swirling around in their heads. These thoughts tell them that they are a loser and their life is worthless. If this is happening to you then you need to take control of your thoughts.


This is going to take time and practice so you need to accept that you have to keep working on it. If you have a negative thought which says you are worthless then neutralize this with a positive thought like ìI am great and have a lot to offer.


Practice this until it becomes automatic. Getting rid of negative thought spirals will do wonders for your self confidence. You will feel a whole lot better about yourself and ready for any challenges that you may face.


Don't idolize other people. Too many people idolize others and this is just crazy. They hang on to their every word on social media and want to live their life like them. But what they don't know is that this person has a lot of flaws and they are far from perfect.

There is no problem with looking up to certain people because they have more knowledge or experience than you and you can learn from them. But you will never be free and really develop your self confidence if you just idolize them.


Be proud of yourself, because you have come a long way in life and you have many things that you can feel proud of. There have been a number of problems that you needed to overcome and you did that. 


So reflect on the great things that you have done before and make a commitment to work on your self confidence.

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