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I know this is going to sound crazy, but I want you to think about how embracing what might appear to be a ‘failure’ can change your life. It’s one thing to accept failure and another level to embrace it so you can achieve all the things you want in your life. 


When you experience a setback and learn a lesson from it, the experience will teach you things that you wouldn’t experience from success. A setback forces to look at yourself, and your surroundings, in an entirely different light. Things you may not have known before will come rushing to the surface and you’ll be surprised why you didn’t think of that previously.  


Successful people get to live the life they’ve always wanted. They worked hard to be where they’re at, but before they got to that point, they probably failed in many ways. I can assure you that when they did, they didn’t give it but rather they learned from their mistakes, and applied their knowledge to making their efforts successful. 


I remember when I taught my son to ride his bicycle without the training wheels. The first time he nervously mounted the bike and tried to balance himself without the benefit of the wheels, he wobbled a bit, then lost control of the bike. This continued for a number of unsuccessful attempts, but he didn’t give up. With each attempt his confidence grew and so did his balance! After a few more attempts he was able to control the bike, retain his balance, and ride his bike around the park. The same principle applies to all the attempts we make in our endeavors. The more times you fail, the stronger and more resilient you become. You feel like you can’t go any lower and the only way to is up. How far lower can you go if you’ve already reached the lowest point? Needless to say, when you experience a setback, don’t let that keep you down, keep trying and expect to come out stronger in the end. 


If you’re not afraid of setbacks, you can easily find new opportunities. Just remember, not to go sulking in the corner, feeling sorry for your failure and your mistakes. If you really want to succeed at something, and you can’t seem to go beyond your failure, you need to start thinking outside the box. What’s in the theoretical box won’t help you succeed, so you’re forced to look elsewhere. That is the beauty of embracing setbacks where others see only the four walls of their ’box,’ those who don’t fear failure will find a way out. Needless to say, those that do manage to think outside the box pave a clearer path towards success.   


As we end this month, think about the goals or resolutions you have set earlier this year and contemplate if you have met them or experienced setbacks. If you have experienced a setback, consider the opportunities that you can learn from it and how you can apply what you have learned to successfully met your goals. 

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