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If you want to have the confidence of a rockstar and be successful, there is no such thing as overnight success. It takes hard work, determination, and drive to get ahead. As the motivational speaker, Eric Thomas says,'you have to want it as badly as you want to breathe'. 


I know you want to be happier, feel confident, and be successful because you are reading this content.  You are here.


Now, let me tell you the real deal. All the books that are offered here will help you. How? In several ways:


▪ Shared Experiences

▪ Strategies

▪ Tools

▪ Guidance


See, there is no magic pill. Imagine, you are lost and need direction. Certainly, you would be relieved if someone provided you with a map. It would be absurd to think that same person would carry you simply because they gave you a map.


It is similar to reading confidence-building books or any self-development book. You can learn and decide to create your own life plan, carefully do the necessary things that will make you better,  accomplish your goals and improve your life significantly.


Today, decide to read and benefit from the books offered here. Your journey brought you here because you are interested in learning, applying and taking continuous swift action.


I encourage you to make an effort to get into the habit of finding ways to improve yourself in order to experience the true transforming and life enriching benefits of these books.


My wish for you is you will reach your greatest and most fulfilling potential.

Aspire to your Greatness!


I am rooting for your rise!



"The empowered woman is powerful beyong measure and beautiful beyond description"

-Steve Maraboli 

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Drop the Impostor Syndrome


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The Queen Mindset


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Positivity Like a Queen


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Aspire to Your Greatness!



"May you have the Courage to Break the Patterns in your Life that are no longer Serving you. Be Fearless!"



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Change your perception of self. Recognize and appreciate your capabilities, gifts, and talents. Learn to step out of your comfort zone and take accountability for decisions and choices we make.

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Learn self-acceptance for all of the wonderful quirks and complexities that make us unique. Embrace the things we have are self-conscious about and resist negative thinking.

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Make the decision to do work that excites you! There are many ways to monetize the talents you possess so you can do work you are passionate about. Starting loving you and the work you do.

Meet the #1 International Bestselling Author


What can a globe trotting, Mom of 2 teach you about climbing out of the rubble after an earth shattering event rocks your world and levels everything around you?


What can this sassy and fierce warrior woman teach you about re-inventing yourself and be the (s)hero of our own story?


What can this ambitious, tell-it-like-it-is woman tell you about overcoming self-loathing and suicidal thoughts?


What would she say?

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Fierce Warrior + Truth Teller + Change Champion


She knows what it is to diminish yourself to feel accepted by family, peers and members of my community. 


After years of building up my self-esteem, rebuilding strong and healthy relationships, and being a strong, confident woman it seemed like I was on the right track, but something was missing. My life looked great from the outside, but I was feeling frustrated and exhausted all the time. The reason was I trying to be the perfect wife, mother, employee. I was self-conscious about my accent, height, presence, tone of my voice, everything. 


I wasn’t being my true self because I didn’t think I would accepted. I had the self-confidence to step into the spotlight, but like an actor it was all a performance.

I had to learn to love myself in every way without reservation. It did not involve perfection, only acceptance.


On my journey I have learned that if you want to aspire to your greatness, you can’t be a shadow of yourself, you have to be authentic. When I had the self-confidence to take center stage and remove the mask to be my authentic self I was able to be my best self!


I am a truth teller, fierce warrior for women empowerment and champion of change. 


I write books to help women learn to love + accept themselves and design + live the life they have always wanted.

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Aspire to Your Greatness!

Join the hundreds of other women worldwide inspired and transformed by the powerful #1 International Bestselling book, ‘Aspire to Your Greatness‘! This book shares the journey of Adrian Quintina (Jefferson Chofor) as she overcomes years of child abuse, teenage homelessness, crippling low self-esteem to becoming an empowering motivational speaker and personal transformation strategist creating confidence building programs helping women break free from years of self-neglect, hopelessness, bitterness, and self-inflicted pain.

She shares the powerful lessons she learned from childhood to adulthood when she finally allowed herself to be loved, learned self-acceptance, and the healing power of forgiveness. Her transparency and candidness allows the reader to feel as if they are with her every step of the journey. The deeply insightful lessons she imparts in each chapter gives the reader actionable steps and tips to help them on their own journey!

Her story has touched many lives and is guaranteed to impact you and shape your perspective on the way we view young girls, especially those of color, and how they are taught to view themselves.

Get your copy of this book and see how transformative it is.


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