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Welcome to the Fearless Living with Adrian Quintina weekly podcast

Another podcast to join the 100,000s of others. Right?

Not quite, my friend.

I started this podcast to talk about the struggles of female entrepreneurs that are building self-love + confidence and empires. Women that had to overcome childhood trauma, painful struggles and break generational curses to build legacies through hard work and commitment without sacrificing faith and family.

As a Mom of two, I had to rebuild my life after a painful divorce and bitter custody battle, I understand how women want to build thriving businesses ensuring financial freedom without sacrificing time with their children. I KNOW the struggle and I am here to help women like you build your business, gain financial freedom and build a legacy for your children with  confidence and self-love.


 Adrian Quintina is a divorced mother of two, former homeless and child abuse survivor that decided to change her life by doing something no one thought she was ever capable doing--she turned her life around by becoming a six-figure business owner and helping women build there confidence by teaching self-love + acceptance with financial freedom.a certified coach in personal and business development.  

She wrote the  Amazon  international bestselling book, “Aspire to your Greatness,”  (listed under: Adrian Jefferson Chofor) rebuilt her brand after a two-year brutal divorce and custody battle birthing the Real Fearless Her movement and now, in this podcast, Adrian talks about her journey to Fearless Living and shares tips, strategies, and a look behind the scenes of Fearless Living and the #realfearlessher movement.

In this podcast I will cover topics that matter to you:

• You'll rediscover who you really are, how to be yourself, and how to grow into amazing person you are meant to be.

• You’ll learn how to break the pattern of overwhelm and stress in your life

• You'll master the skill of setting boundaries and keeping your promises to yourself because you'll know what you really want and have clarity on how to stay committed.

• You’ll learn what impostor syndrome is and how to avoid it.

• You'll learn how to avoid overwhelm again because you'll finally believe that you are enough, you are worthy and you have all that you need in order to become everything you desire to be.

• You'll feel more fully alive and free from worrying what people think because you'll establish a baseline of self-trust and self-acceptance.

• You'll learn how to find your purpose, pursue your passions, and really make a difference with your life.

• You'll learn how to activate your innate courage even when the voice of self-doubt and fear are still present

• You'll let go of perfectionistic thinking and learn how to focus on your strengths and progress instead of focusing on flaws and failings

• You'll experience freedom from self-sabotage, shame and the cycle of self-critical thinking that is keeping you stuck.

You need confidence to loosen the grip of overwhelm, overthinking, people pleasing, and approval seeking to live the life of your dreams!

Basically, here's what this podcast is obsessed with: Can a woman rebuild a life on her terms practicing self-love, self-care, and self-compassion while making 6-7 figures a year and live a divinely fearless life of faith, family, and financial freedom?


New episodes weekly every Wednesday evening at 7PM PDT.



February 2 - June 15, 2022

Ya gurl is back!  Bringing the heat for another season to fire up your spirit and get you motivated for another year. The self-sabotaging behavior is is the Overwhelm. This season you will let go of the soul crushing self-doubt, anxiety inducing perfectionism, and the energy depleting negative thinking and self talk. That baggage will be left behind - #byefelicia! Get your year started off right with your favorite coach, author, podcast host and blogger, Adrian Quintina. C'mon in, adjust your crown, grab a cup of tea, pen and pad and take notes to get your life BACK on the path to greatness!

Ouch! Can't walk in those red-bottoms, huh? Trying to win at this thing called Life, but you are stumbling, fumbling, and mumbling...that doesn't sound like success and glory. Listen to this episode to find out why you keep trying to get on track but keep falling in the ditch.

This season, ya confidence Queen is bringing the heat for another season to fire up your spirit and get you motivated for another year. Get your year started off right with your favorite coach, author, podcast host and blogger, Adrian Quintina. 

Are you tired of being called crazy? Over-dramatic? Over-sensitive? Irrational? Too emotional? Always tripping? Hmmm...have you ever wondered why? Have you wondered why you keep getting these 'strange' feelings that something is not right, but you cannot put your finger on it? Let's talk about this feeling and why it should NEVER be ignored! 

This season, ya confidence Queen is bringing the heat for another season to fire up your spirit and get you motivated for another year. 


Brazilian butt lifts are all the rage!  Women are spending hundreds of thousands a year for a bigger, rounder derrière. Unfortunately, some have lost their lives seeking the perfect butt, BUT there is another type of BUT that so many women  from all races, nationalities, and ethnicities and social classes STRUGGLE with daily. This BUT is just as dangerous as a backalley Brazilian Butt lift... listen to this episode of Fearless Living with Adrian Quintina to hear more about this danger.  

Should you expand your social circle? Are you reluctant to make new friends? Is this sabotaging your success? Find out if you should keep your Day-one friends (long term) friends or start to cycle them out of for new friends?

Should you keep old friends forever, for-ever-ever, forever? Is it hard to make new friends? What do you think? Watch this episode to find out the answer.


Everybody is obsessed with the Instagram swag look. It's the ultimate look of confidence, but is it the 'real' thing?

Do you want to acquire authentic confidence, then you need to tune in here and listen to what true confidence is and how you can get it!

Listen to this episode now.



Is the 'Hustle and Grind' culture exhausting you? Are you exhausted from 'Hustle Porn'? In this episode I discuss how toxic this culture can be and why we need to be careful how we work towards success.... listen to this episode of Fearless Living with Adrian Quintina to hear more about this danger.  

Two three-lettered words changed my life. If you can harness the power in THESE two words, your life will change...when you find yourself having doubts about what you are capable of or feel discouraged about pursuing a big crazy goal, or conquering a seemingly impossible obstacle, remember these two words!

Do you believe you are a 'ride or die' partner? Let's say you end up in a toxic relationship, do you think your loyalty outweighs your personal happiness. Let's talk about the ride or die culture and how it can become toxic.


Are you wishing, praying, hoping to be happy, get a new job, new relationship...NEW anything? Tired of being fed up and desperate for change? Will wishing, hoping, and prayer be enough, or do you have to do more?


In order to live a full and complete life, we must learn how to let go of past failures and disappointments and not carry them with us into our future, but how do we do this? Listen to this episode...


It may be difficult to end a toxic friendship. When you consider the amount of history both of you share, you might feel tempted to stay put in a toxic relationship.



It may be difficult to end a toxic friendship. When you consider the amount of history both of you share, you might feel tempted to stay put in a toxic relationship.


We have a recap of the topics and tips covered this past season. Don't miss out. Tune in and listen to see what you might have missed out on this season.


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Meet the Fearless Living host, Adrian Quintina. She shares how she turned her mess of a life into her best life. She shares the secret behind her rise from shame and pain into self love and financial freedom. Join her in this episode and learn how she turned her life around against all odds to become the woman she always wanted to be and how you can too!

What's wrong with me? Struggling to feel like you deserve a seat at the table, success and love in your life, but it always seems to allude you...then you ask, 'what's wrong with ME?' Show me your house and I can help answer your question.

What does your house have to do with the quality of your life Let's talk about it...

What can someone learn from the five greatest failures they’ve experienced so far in their life?Do you fear failure? If so, why? 

What would happen if you had no fear of failure? 

Find out the answers to these questions and how you come back from a setback and overcome fear.

Break generational curses!

Do you think a lasting legacy is important? What will be your legacy?

Learn how to turn fear into power and power into a lasting legacy that will endure for generations.

Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses, the Kardashians, and everyone else! Making a damn good impression is more than your waist size, butt size, and size of clothes your wear. Want to make good impression despite any insecurities you might have? Want to stand out without making a scene? How do you leave people wanting more?

Are you overspending, overworking, and feel overcommitted?  Do you want a more purposeful, productive, and simpler life but you don't want to pay thousand of dollars $$$ for life coach or therapist to help you reclaim your life and achieve work/life balance? Listen in to find out the 3 simple ways you can reclaim and transform your life for free!

This episode explores 6 ways we self-sabotage ourselves in our thinking and behavior resulting in feeling stuck in life.

Learn how to get your mojo back, reclaim your voice, and set up your game to level up your life. Listen to the full episode here.



What does it mean to live your truth? How does a woman live her truth? In this episode I will share what living one's truth really means and why every empowered woman understands how deeply impactful this means for her life. I will share the pitfalls of a woman hiding from her truth and the reasons why a woman would think doing so is necessary. Be sure to listen to the full episode and leave comments.

What could we have learned from our mother's experiences had they shared them with us? What could we have learned from our mother's wisdom had she been open and honest us with us?
In this episode of 'Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me', I will share some of the words and experiences, I wish my mother had shared with me. As a child abuse survivor I am fully committed to stopping toxic generational cycles.

Are the people closest to you your biggest supporters or secret haters? How do you know if the people you love are toxic for you? Should you keep people close to you if they are blood related although they might be toxic?

In this episode  I share the top ten signs you need to know if a person should be in your life. It's a must listen to episode to help you decide if they people that currently have  a seat in the front row of your life should be relocated.

Overwhelmed. Burned Out.
Mentally Drained. Emotionally Fatigued. Physically Exhausted.

Why...because you are being misled following the biggest tip and 'sage' advice of countless lifestyle gurus, speakers, entrepreneurs, and get-rich-quick schemers and scammers. In this episode, I will share the worst advice anyone working toward building up their mind, body, and life should avoid like the plague.

Comparing ourselves to others is a common activity.

Is there harm in comparing yourself with others? Why do we resort to comparisons? Is social media harmful to a woman's self-esteem?

In this episode of Fearless Living with Adrian, I will discuss the reason you are lacking contentment in your life and ways you can free yourself from unnecessary comparisons.

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong, or everyone is going to find out that you don’t deserve your achievements? Do you have chronic feelings of self-doubt? Do you feel like if people closely scrutinize your success they will conclude you are a fraud? If you feel like you are living a lie and afraid that people will find out then listen to this week's episode.


Only a few days left of this year. What are you planning to do differently? If you want to see new results, you must change old habits.

In this episode, I will discuss quick ways to overcome fear in the new year and make a powerful impact with self confidence, self love, and high esteem.


The last episode of SEASON ONE!!! Gratitude and grit is the theme of 2021 and what better way to end the year then closing the season with the theme! 

This episode is a BIG thank you to all the listeners and supporters of the show AND a recap of the top episodes that had the biggest impact on the audience.

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