Are you Ready to Become the Woman of YOUR Dreams, Not Just Theirs??

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As we start another year, many people have ALREADY given up on their New Year Resolutions or they are made goals for themselves, but without the proper support and accountability they are not following through.
That means walking through another year with the same old habits, thinking and behavior that has them that has spinning their wheels but leaving them stuck in the same old place!


Is that going to be your legacy?


Are you tired of feeling or being: 

  • -unworthy

  • -unloved

  • -unmotivated

  • -unappreciated

  • -unattractive

  • -unwelcomed

  • -unseen

  • -unclean

  • -unequal

  • -unhappy

  • -unheard

  • -unwanted

  • -unemployed

  • -unsafe

  • -uneasy


 Aren’t you tired of being tired of feeling  underestimated and undervalued??


It’s time to move from feeling FRUSTRATED TO FEARLESS!


🛑   Stop KILLING your DREAMS with self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and negative self talk!
🛑  Stop PLAYING SMALL because of imposter syndrome, perfectionism, or feelings of unworthiness!
🛑  Stop GIVING AWAY YOUR POWER by being a people pleaser and seeking approval from others.
🛑  Stop FEELING STUCK because you are in a downward spiral because of overwhelm and crippling anxiety!
🛑  Stop SPINNING your WHEELS and going nowhere because of chronic analysis paralysis  in the form of overthinking!
🛑  Stop allowing TOXIC PEOPLE to have a seat in the front row of your life and drain you until you are completely numb!
🛑  Stop being the DOORMAT, WALLFLOWER, and PUSHOVER for people that don’t appreciate you and see your WORTH!!
🛑 🛑 🛑  Stop! Stop! Stop!!!


This is the year to make transformative changes, break generational curses, end toxic cycles, and release yourself from a life that is only being half lived!


IF You:


 🚫 Have experienced trauma in your childhood in the form of rejection + betrayal + abandonment + injustice and humiliation this program is for you!
🚫 Have felt unworthy, unloved, unaccepted, unappreciated and feel stuck, this program is for you!


🚫 Have wanted to find out how to utilize your strengths, talents, gifts in an intentional way to WALK powerfully in your PURPOSE and be paid well, this program is for you!
🚫 Have wanted to shine and have a message to share but don’t think you have what it takes to be seen and heard, this program is for you!
🚫 Have problems turning your life around or getting your business off the ground, this program is for you!
🚫 Have problems attracting the wrong people in your life that drain you emotionally, physically, mentally and financially, this program is for you!
🚫 Have issues speaking up, speaking out, delegating, saying NO without guilt, and standing by your decisions with conviction? This program is for you!
🚫 Have problems with procrastination, finishing tasks, and meeting deadlines, this program is for you.
🚫 Have wanted to live a life of financial freedom, but live paycheck to paycheck, this program is for you.

You can have all of these things and more if you are committed to change, have the guidance of someone that has been where you are and they share a clear, plan of action to help you achieve the life you want, even if it looks to be impossible!

This is why I created

Frustrated to Fearless -

the 90-day Program to

Unstoppable Confidence!



This powerful program is guaranteed to change your life in only 90 days!


The 12-week program will address:


-childhood trauma
-limiting beliefs
-negative thinking
-self-sabotaging behavior
-feelings of inadequacy
-narcissistic behavior + co-dependency
-radical self-acceptance + self esteem
-overcome fears and anxiety
-how to nurture the body, mind and spirit with self-care

The Program Includes: 

  • Beautiful Onboarding Package
  • 20 Instructional Videos + Lessons
  • 90 minute weekly group calls via Zoom
  • Accountability Buddy
  • Worksheets
  • Action Guides
  • Email/Phone Support
  • Guided Meditation
  • Unlimited Access to the Course


Value: $1797




  • 2 private 30-minute 1:1 sessions with Adrian
  • 7 videos and additional supporting materials
  • Free copy of the Adrian’s bestselling book, 'Aspire to Your Greatness'
  • A featured write-up in the Fearless Forum (blog)
  • A member spotlight in the Real Fearless Her Facebook group


Value: $497


Why did I create this coaching program?


Because I know your struggle!


My name is Adrian Quintina:

  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Confidence Coach
  • Certified mindset coach
  • EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • CBT Practitioner (Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • NLP Practitioner (Neuro-linguistic Practitioner)

I am a survivor of child abuse, homelessness, and domestic violence. My mission is to help #onemilionwomen gain clarity and confidence to live a fulfilling life with purpose and financial freedom.

I create powerful programs such as Frustrated 2Fearless! to provide my clients proven tools and strategies that are needed for them to successfully enhance their lives further and allow them to live and abundant life in mind, body, and spirit.

As a coach, I form an equal partnership with my clients that allows them the room to grow while being accountable, so that they can live the life they want to live and achieve the goals that they would like to meet.

My responsibilities to you:

  • to clarify and help you set your goals


  • to come up with a clear plan to work towards your goals


  • to identify your blocks and obstacles (ie. limiting core beliefs), and help you shift them and develop new affirmative beliefs


  • to hold you accountable and keep you focus on your goals


  • to help you see when you are in your unhelpful patterns


  • to ask you to do more than you would have probably done on your own


  • to show you the tools, guidance and structure to achieve your goals


 Are You Ready to: 


Be Happier with the Person You Are


Create new habits that Empower You


Take your first steps to a full + more loving life


Be more compassionate with yourself


Feel more confident, energized, positive + Joyful


Stop seeking external validation from others


Stop comparing yourself to others


Find your own healthly balance


Overcome overwhelm and overthinking


Prioritize your own health and self-care


Get to know and love yourself on a deeper level


Eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors and self-doubt


Detox from perfectionism and self-hate


Live more mindfully


You don’t want to hesitate to sign up for the program!


Hurry and register while spots are still open!






If you choose to do nothing, your life will remain the same as where you are right now.

Nothing new will ever happen.
There is nothing exciting you can talk about to your spouse, partner, friends, family members in the next 90-days about how amazing, positive, and fulfilled your life has been and the amazing woman you are becoming!







While there are other solutions out there,  I’ve already saved you all the trouble, especially if you want to not only the research, but the guidance of someone that has is trained, certified, and been in your shoes.

I don’t want you to waste your time looking for other programs and then get disappointed.

Plus, you will have a support and accountability system to help you on your transformative journey. 
I know it hurts.

I only want you to get better.






Join the other women who decided to stop being frustrated, but rather glow up with Unstoppable Confidence.
It can help you to create your own success story, level-up your life, build a fear-proof mindset, and crush all your set goals — all by helping you develop unstoppable self-confidence

Be Prepared for Your Life to Change On...

The Frustrated to Fearless Program: 90 Days to Unstoppable Confidence will start in only a few days! Be sure to reserve your seat while spots are still open!











Choose the payment plan that works best for you.



Popular Option

  • Full Program Price: $2,300
  • Percentage Saved: 34.91%
  • Saved amount: $803
  • Balance Due Feb 1 - $1,497







Most Popular

  1. Full Program Price: $2,300
  2. Percentage Saved: 26.22%
  3. Saved amount: $603
  4. 1st payment due upon registration
  5. Monthly(2x) Installments due 1st of the month - $565






Extended Plan

  • Full Program Price: $2,300
  • Percentage Saved: 21.87%
  • Saved Amount: $503
  • $25.00 payment due upon registration
  • Monthly Installments start in March and due 1st of the month
  •  Only 6 low payments of $299


Word on the Street 


Working with Adrian helped me get out of my own way. She instigated one of the biggest shifts in my life. She helped me create a vision and life plan that aligned with beliefs. I was left with a new found confidence after I kept hitting all my milestones. I loved working with Adrian.

Terri F.


Adrian enables women to manifest the life they always wanted. She has helped me gain so much insight and courage to live the life I am living now. She walks the walk and talks the talk. I had the opportunity to work with her years ago when I was going through a difficult time, and she patiently working with me every step of the way. She is still one of my most trusted advisors. 

Lisa B.


I worked with Adrian when I returned to the work force after having my son. I was not sure if I wanted to return to work or even be in the career field I was in at the time. When we started working together, I remember leaving every session feeling empowered, clear, and ready to take on the world. She helped me not only identify roadblocks and potential obstacles, but I felt empowered to let go of things that were holding me back. I feel so lucky to have worked with her. 

B. Diaz


I worked with Adrian during the time I was looking to change careers. I explored finding greater satisfaction and happiness in my personal and professional life was a phenomenal experience. Her coaching approach and exercises provided a great structure to a challenging journey, her unbiased perspective and observations were invaluable and I'm grateful for Adrian’s help!

Charli T.


Adrian is truly phenomenal. I hears so much about her from best friend and I decided to work with her. From day one, she was one of the most insightful and motivating people I have ever met. She is a highly skilled coach with effective tools and guidance to help you get where you want to go. Whether it’s helping propel you towards your ideal future, working through personal hardships and goal-setting. She is someone I have come to consider not only a coach, but a good friend.

Tasha B.