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  • Do you struggle with your self confidence?
  • Do you constantly fight that voice in your head that stops you from taking risks?
  • Does lack of confidence stop you from meeting your goals and fulfilling your dreams?
  • Do you find it difficult to meet new people and establish connections because you’re shy?

One of the things that held me back from pursuing my dreams for many years was fear of failure. I was afraid of looking like I didn’t know what I was doing and afraid to look like a fool. A lack of self-confidence stood in the way of my success, and I needed to overcome that fear to move forward in my business.

It’s something every human being faces at some point. And the thing to understand is that a feeling a lack of confidence often shows up as being stuck in a rut, feeling held back, and most often victimized by circumstance. People who lack confidence stay where they are, but often build up resentment toward others who are more successful. This creates a somewhat endless negative cycle of victimization that can be at best difficult to manage, and at worst stifling to one’s ability to obtain their own dreams for success.

But, aren’t some people just born with more self-confidence? 

The question of nature vs. nurture always comes up when discussing self-confidence. Some people are naturally extroverted, so this natural style may lend itself to one’s self-confidence. More extroverted individuals typically have more ‘opportunities’ to get social feedback from birth as they are consistently putting themselves out there and facing either acceptance or rejection. But there are billions of introverted people who are self-confident as well.  So, the nature vs. nurture argument although potentially impactful is not the bottom line where self-confidence is concerned. In fact, there has been much study to reveal that self-confidence is OFTEN tied to activities that you have more control over than you think.


Success fuels further success and builds self-confidence.

I’ve seen it happen time and time again… for my clients, for my children, for my husband, for friends and family members.

When you learn to ride a bike or ice skate:

  • you do not trust yourself or your abilities…
  • you’ve never done it before…
  • you are uncomfortable…
  • you haven’t experienced balance…
  • you may be afraid to fall and hurt yourself…
  • and you likely want to avoid the ‘shame’ of looking like a fool…

And therein lies the key ingredient, and the thing you have absolute control over:

You always have the ability to choose.


Do you STOP yourself?


Do you JUST DO IT… DESPITE all your reasons and fears?


You can choose how you feel, how you think, what you do, and what you will not do.

Just know that when you do new things:

  • You will likely face some obstacles…
  • You will likely need to try things several times before you master them…
  • You may confront some internal noise and beliefs that have been in place for a long time…
  • Odds are, you will probably fail… several times even…

But after a few tries, you learn.

  • You use muscles you’ve never used before…
  • And you get stronger…
  • You step into the challenge…
  • And somewhere along the way, it may even become fun!

Do you want to learn how to become more confident and assertive.

Learn how to deal with overwhelm, overthinking, feelings of unworthiness.

A lack of self-confidence may stem from tones of insecurity. You may have negative feelings about yourself are buried deep within. Once you do this, you may tend not to assert yourself and take a chance because you fear you will be exposed as an 'imposter'. 


You can absolutely improve your self-confidence and self-esteem

The key differentiator is a willingness to face your internal fears, and do things you’re uncomfortable about despite of your fears!

SO, the question is…  how often do you feel discomfort and fear and instead of running from it, do something to face it and overcome that fear?

That is why I’ve created a safe place to experiment with your fears.


Just imagine, seeing yourself… 

  • Walk into the party and being the one everyone is waiting to see
  • Introduced to a stranger and feeling completely comfortable in your own skin
  • Saying “YES” to all the things you’ve been putting off for fear of . . .
  • Being ‘that person’ whom you’ve always looked to and admired as ‘the confident one’
  • Setting your own personal confidence goals and achieving them privately without the fear of shame or failure
  • Gaining more self-confidence through exercises designed to support you and nudge you forward safely, step-by-step.

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The way to more self-confidence is to challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, build trust in your abilities by overcoming those obstacles, and learn to focus on gratitude and positivity.

You will begin to learn from your challenges and obstacles and enjoy when you accomplish tasks.

There are no shortcuts or magic pills to confidence, but this self-paced weekly course will provide the personal and private challenges you need to do all those things. Confidence will build as you take baby steps toward improvement. You will make changes over time. And soon, what was once impossible, will be easy!

The key differentiator is a willingness to face your internal fears, and do things you’re uncomfortable about, despite of your fears!

SO, the question is…  how often do you feel discomfort and fear and instead of running from it, do something to face it and overcome that fear?

 Build your skills daily and increase your self-confidence!


  • Enhance your efficacy and self-confidence
  • Set your own personal goals and achieve them
  • Gain insights into your personal barriers and blocks
  • Identify and release your inner critic day by day, week by week
  • Confront challenges weekly and overcome your fears incrementally
  • Release ‘old stories’ that no longer serve who you want to be and become
  • Try on new behaviors and build new skills as you become more comfortable
  • Gain more self-confidence through exercises designed to nudge you forward step-by-step, safely.



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