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Hey There Queens!

Have you ever whispered to yourself, 'This is my calling?'

Whatever that feeling or sensation you were experiencing would not leave you...

It was just there! It moved into your heart and nestled there like a sleepy bear settling in for a long hibernation.


Maybe it felt more like an awakening it stirred inside of you like a butterfly breaking out of the cocoon and ready to take flight 

Whatever it know that it is REAL!

It transformed you, moved you to take action, and brought peace into your life. Where there might have been uncertainty and doubts, it gifted you with determination and purpose. 

I experienced an 'awakening' that shook me to my core and made re-evaluate everything I had ever believed in!

Calling The Fierce!

 If I told you that you could start making your dream a reality tomorrow, would you do what it took? 

I discovered over the past few years that many of the things I had believed weren't at all true! I was starting to see and appreciate the grey areas in life, even the messy areas.  

I stopped acting like I had all the answers! No absolute truth! I had to release the stories running through my head, yep, the ones holding me back. 

I realized those beliefs were driving behaviors. The interesting thing, is those same behaviors were admired by some people I knew and were considered perfectly acceptable.  

But, I was crumpling under the weight of the false narrative. 

That is when the fierce called me and said, 'girl, you got work to do'! 

Hello, Fabulous!

I was ready to embrace the change required for me to become the person I was meant to be.  

I was desperate for change and needed to finally live my truth. I'll be honest, it was a little overwhelming but the call to fierce was real!

It helped me to become a:

✅ #1 International Bestselling Author [of 3 Bestselling books + counting]

✅ Award-winning International Keynote Speaker

✅ Recipient of numerous awards including the 'Exceptional Woman of Excellence' award presented by the Women's Economic Forum

✅ World traveler; visited over 26+ countries and lived as an expatriate in four countries

✅ Successful entrepreneur with a thriving international 6-figure  business

Overcoming with Courage

Yes, girl! It was the Fierce and Fabulous Life!... so why was I still...dare, I say struggling?  

I looked great, I had lost over 125 pounds!

I felt great, I was helping to make a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of women around the world.

But, my true greatness would only come forth when I could be completely honest and live an authentic life. I was missing Freedom.

I could only take my freedom by being fearless!

The path to freedom meant ending a toxic relationship and uprooting false beliefs about my future, which I knew in my heart would and should be amazing!

By becoming fierce, fabulous, and fearless I was able to achieve so much than anyone ever expected, but more than that, I was able to give my children and myself an amazing life.       

My mission is to help one million woman get past the overwhelm, overthinking, self-sabotaging behavior and build lives with self-confidence and financial freedom.                                                                                     


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